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Gallia-Vinton ESC

E-mails for Program Coordinators for Resident Educators
ALL Resident Educators MUST Complete or Update an informational sheet each year of their residence. Without this form, RE's cannot be entered into the CORE System. Once the Deadline of November 15th passes you will not be allowed to participate in the resident educator program for that year.
You can download this form which is in Word, type on it save and printed it or attached to an email to send to the ESC.

FY 19 Facilitator Training for RESA Year 2 Option or Year 3 RESA

    Mentors who have NOT had Facilitator Training are REQUIRED to do so before they are allowed to work with RESA Candidates.   If you have already taken Facilitator Training it is a ONE TIME Training and you do not at this point need to re-take it.  Your completion of the training is recorded under your Safe Account (Learning Management System).  Certificates used to be available for earlier training sessions but that was discontinued once the training was put under your Safe Account.
This guide is based on using our webiste at Gallia Vinton ESC.org CLICKING on the Links Tab on the left side of the Home Page SCROLLING to the bottom of the page and following the directions. 
Step 1 - Log into your Safe Account.  Click on the link to GO to your Safe Account Login Page.
Step 2 - Once you Login Go to the Learning Managment System.
      Click OK as this link will take you to an external site
      Click Course Catalogue in the upper right corner
      The next page will be he D2L Course Catalogue and you have a choice of multiple courses from ODE.            You want to Select the Ohio Resident Educators which offersd 4 courses
       Facilitator Training is the third training module
Step 3 - Take the Facilitators Training On Line Course you do not have to complete it at one sitting but
      may come back to where you left off previously until completed
Step 4 - Report your completion of the Facilitator Training to your School Disttrict and the Gallia Vinton ESC.
      The ESC can be notified by calling 740 245 0593 or emailing Doug Hale at  90_dhale@seovec.org
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