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Year 4 Resident Educators "Celebrate"
    The Gallia Vinton ESC recently held two meeting for Year 4 Resident Educators to collect their "Leadership Action Plans" and Celebrate their successfull completion of the RE Program.  The meeting also focused on these educators Advancing their RE Licenses to their Professional 5-Year Licenses.
    They were reminded that they should apply for their Professional License towards the  end of May or June and have copies of these documents for their school district offices prior to June 30th (many districts set this as a deadline for licenses to be in the district offices prior to the next school year). 
    Resident Educators should also submit a LPDC Plan to their local school's representative of their Professional Development Plan to renew thier licenses in five years.  RE's were not required to have a Professional Development Plan during their RE Program but are required to submit a written plan as soon as they receive their professional license and every time they renew their licenses.  Please check with your local school district represerntative for the appropriate forms.
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