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Landmark Moments Fellowship "Adopt" River Valley Wolf Pack
As a part of the Landmark Moments Field Studies in June, the Gallia-Vinton ESC has "adopted" two wolves from "The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center" which are called the River Valley wolf pack.   The pack arrived at the Center as pups from another capative facility in Montana in the spring of 2017.  Akela is the Alpha wolf and was named after the leader of the wolf pack in the story "Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling.  Her brother Kootenai was named after the Kooyenai National Forest in Montana and the Kootenai Native American Tribe in Idaho.  This pack serves as animal ambassadors to help conservationists appreciate the role of wolves in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  The teachers have been studying the Mountain States with noted historian and author, Dr. Dan Flores, and environmental historian, Dr. Sara Dant.  
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