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Gallia-Vinton ESC

STEM Support

The ESC welcomes Dr. Jacob White as a STEM Research and Administrative Associate. Dr. White provides the ESC and its service districts with STEM support and advocacy through research, grant writing, professional development workshops, and data analytics efforts.
Ohio’s Learning Standards and Model Curriculum for Science serves as a basis for what all students should know and be able to do in order to become scientifically literate citizens, equipped with knowledge and skills for the 21st century workforce and higher education. Ohio educators are provided with the content and expectations for learning at each grade level. From this information, district curriculum can be developed. By the end of high school, students should graduate with sufficient proficiency in science to:
• Know, use and interpret scientific explanations of the natural world;
• Generate and evaluate scientific evidence and explanations,
distinguishing science from pseudoscience;
• Understand the nature and development of scientific knowledge;
• Participate productively in scientific practices and discourse.
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