2020 Summer Math Academy with Kim Sutton
Starting 6/10/2020 at 8:30 AM and ending on 6/12/2020 at 3:00 PM
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• Gallia-Vinton ESC - ESC Events

It's happening...VIRTUALLY! 

Roadmap for Mathematical Success 2020

Who should attend?  District Leaders, Building Leaders, K-6 Math Teachers and Intervention Specialists 



Come and experience a unique virtual training with Kim Sutton about how to teach powerful mathematics with elementary learners!  You will receive a handout, tool kit and philosophy to motivate even the most reluctant young mathematicians!  Kim will share powerful activities, literature, games and music that are the cornerstone to her success AND navigate ways to build fluency and number sense and operation skills in a traditional and blended learning environment.   

Especially during the uncertainty of how students will return in the fall, this will be a great opportunity to navigate ways to provide quality instruction, whether in the traditional, blended or remote environment.  This training is intended to help teachers implement math routines that will put our early learners on the right path in their education. Kim Sutton has been given the task to create an enjoyable math training that will continue the work YOU began in September.  If you are new to the training, it is okay!  Kim will model strategies to help close your gap to catch up with those educators that were able to attend.  Isn't this what you will be asked to do upon returning to school? Together, we will figure this out! 

What dates should I attend?

PreK-Grade 3:  June 10 and 11

Grades 4-6: June 10 and 12

Educators are permitted to attend all 3 days.  

Please notify your district if you are planning to attend. 

District and Building leaders are strongly encouraged to attend. 

What if I already registered?  

Please re-register.  Why?  To select the dates you plan to attend.  Originally, when you registered, the registration was for all 3 days.  We need an accurate count for attendance each day so the correct number of tool kits gets shipped to the correct locations.

What if I want to register?

You are in the right place!

What if I registered and I don’t plan to attend?

Please go to this LINK to have your name removed from registration.  We are sorry you are not able to attend.  



  • Gallia-Vinton ESC 5 Member Districts and 3 Afterschool Districts fee: NO CHARGE.  

  • Outside Gallia-Vinton ESC district educators fee:  $35 per day.  

  • This is an amazing price for Kim Sutton's training.

  • Stipends for teacher attendance is up to each district.

Where and how do I attend a virtual training?

  • Attend in the comfort and convenience of your home or as a small team in a classroom.

  • Educators will be provided a ZOOM link.

What time is the training?

Training begins at 8:30 am and ends at 3:00 pm.

Will I receive contact hours?

Yes, 6 contact hours per day.

What are we learning?

Scissors, markers, scotch tape, individual hole punch and a stapler will be needed for full involvement in this hands-on workshop.

June 10:  All participants PreK-Grade 6   8:30 am - 3:00 pm

Critical Math Tools 

Introduction to Kim Sutton’s Math Philosophy for the Elementary Classroom

This course is designed for educators that were not able to attend the training in September  and as a refresher for those that did! I encourage everyone to attend this training to learn how to create and use resources that are provided in the tool kit and to become comfortable with the virtual setting. 

June 11 PreK- Grade 3  8:30 am - 3:00 pm

June 12 Grades 4-6       8:30 am - 3:00 pm

Best Practices with All Standards Kim Sutton’s FUN workshop for PK-6

This session will focus on how to take short amounts of time in the teaching day to establish routines with math activities that build strength in number sense including areas like place value, number properties, proportional reasoning, fact fluency and mental math.  This is really powerful for face to face teaching AND virtual teaching.The strategies that Kim has developed are proven to motivate and create constant reinforcement of skills for all students. Participants will be actively involved in constructing and using math tools that deepen their understanding of the fundamentals of math instruction. All of the strategies will be connected to the math standards of all participants. Kim will model how she uses every minute in the classroom to keep students actively involved in thinking and reinforcing important concepts. Her strategies are all ready to use. 

What You Will Learn:

• New powerful and effective strategies for fact fluency and how to be effective in ANY teaching  


• Increase the impact of the classroom number line with grade specific questions• Turn your 

  Fridays into a day of higher level thinking

• More mental math ideas using the simplest of tools

• Making connections with words and numbers for proportional reasoning• Using music and 

  movements that reinforce math concepts for permanence

• The daily activities you need to build strong number senseProgram Highlights

• Amazing strategies to create instant student engagement without extensive preparation• 

  Connecting the standards to each strategy

• New literature titles for simple connections in number sense and other content strands• Simple 

  but effective games for reinforcement of skills

• Learn how to cover all the standards using one simple tool with students• Introduction to new 

  music and dances from Ron Brown of Intelli-Tunes

• Materials that are easy and ready to use tomorrow in the elementary classroom

• Powerful fact fluency tools you can implement immediately

• Learn how to differentiate activities to accommodate all learners in your classroom

In the comfort of your home or with a small group in your classroom!
Online Registration Available:  
Click here to register online.
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