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Business Advisory Council

Business Advisory Council

The role of the Business Advisory Council is to advise and provide recommendations to the Governing Board on employment skills, curriculum development, job market trends, and collaboration between business, labor, and education. The committee meets quarterly.

October 25, 2023

On October 25, 2023, the GVESC held an informative Business Advisory Council meeting at the Park's Edge in Jackson. The event brought together influential local business and community leaders as well as educational leaders. The gathering was catered by local establishments, Arch and Eddie's and Michael’s Ice Cream, showcasing the area's businesses who support our schools and communities by employing area high school and college students. Among the notable speakers were Shawn Yoder (EDxWORK), Kent Eldridge (CEO of Buckeye Rural Electric), Randy Evans (Mayor of Jackson), Anthony Brenner (Mayor of Wellston), Travis West (Vinton County OSU Extension), Bob Hood (Gallia County Chamber of Commerce), and Tony Montgomery (Pike County Commissioner). Montgomery shared that uranium will be enriched at the Gaseous Diffusion facility in Piketon, OH. by Centrus Energy Corp. for newer, more efficient nuclear reactors. 


Dr. Denise  Shockley, Primary Education Lead, Education
Emily Crabtree, Secondary Education Lead, Education
Ellen Adkins, Special Education Specialist
Maddie  Allman, OSU Extension
Jill Baldwin, Educational Consultant
Rachel Barker, Primary Business Lead, Library Services
MaryBendixen-Noe, Educational Consultant
Karen Boch, Education
Josh  Bodimer, Real Estate/Small Business
Connie Bradbury, Educational Consultant
Chuck Bradbury, Educational Consultant
Jason Brown, Small Business
Shelley Brown, Small Business
Jayne Burger, Educational Consultant
Justy Burleson, Career Technical
Mindy Caldwell, Childcare
Lynley Carey, Higher Education
Mark Carlisle, Educational Consultant
Jay Carter, Education Finance
Evan Cole, Legal
Sara Coleman, Education
Jill Cox, Social Work
Deb Crabtree, Literacy Specialist
Whitney Crabtree, Education
Susan Crapes, Health Department
Erin Dailey, OSU Extension
Gwen Daniels, Educational Consultant
Roger Donaldson, Library Services
Dinnna Eiring, Educational Consultant
Kent Eldridge, Utilities
Randy Evans, Local Government
Jan Gullet, Library Services
Thad Haines, Education
Julie Haines, Education
Rochelle Halley, Curriculum
Tim Harvey, YMCA
Brenda Hawthorne, Medical Center
Kyle Hickey, Industry
Bob Hood, Business
Brack Houchens, Educational Consultant
Peggy Johnson, Library Services
Brian Kidd, Education
Katie Kilgour, Education
Mark LaFon, Education
Jenni Lewis, Area Agency on Aging
Rebecca Long, Higher Education
Corey Luce, Health Care
Laurel Marion, Educational Consultant
Jeff & Nicki  Martin, Small Business
Patches Martin, Library Services
Dale Massie, Banking
Ellen McCabe, Career Technical
Brandon McGhee, Banking
Jennifer Mills- Secondary Business Lead, Small Business
Isaac Mils, Financial Consultant
Dave Moore, Education
Ed Moore, Education
Helenlu Morgan, Museum
Robin Phillips, Education
Rette Roettker, Small Business
Sherry Russell, Medical Center
Dow Saunders, Local Government
Jamie Shields, Education
Sharon Shoemaker, Small Business
Lora Spohn Sollars, Industry
Harmoni Stamper, Higher Education
Bryn Stepp, Government/Education
Mikie Strite, Health Department
Lisa Walker, Education
Katie Welch, Health Department
Travis West, Youth Specialist

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