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Business Advisory Council

Business Advisory Council

The role of the Business Advisory Council is to advise and provide recommendations to the Governing Board on employment skills, curriculum development, job market trends, and collaboration between business, labor, and education. The committee meets quarterly.

Business Advisory Council Spotlights

The Business Advisory Council Spotlight shares good news about the great work that is being done by community leaders who serve as council members for the ESC.  


The OhJeff Mooreio State University Extension directs efforts to help build better lives, better businesses, and better communities. The Extension’s arena of influence is broad and includes service on the ESC Business Advisory Council (BAC). Jeff Moore, BAC representative, is the Gallia County Extension’s Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator. A major portion of his work involves interactions with local producers to maintain, grow, and improve their farming operations. Facing COVID-19 challenges, the agency’s face-to-face interactions are on hold so Jeff is using virtual meetings, phone calls, texts, and emails to make connections and provide assistance to the population he serves. When asked to reflect on his own work experience to identify important career readiness skills for students to develop, Jeff cited the following:
1.    Learn to build relationships with others by being approachable.
2.    Listen to others to understand; a response is not always required.
3.    And, perhaps most importantly, be capable of critical thinking and problem solving.

Bryn SteppBryn Stepp is a Regional Representative for Lt. Governor Jon Husted who serves as the Director of InnovateOhio, leads Ohio’s Common Sense Initiative, and is the Director of the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation. As his representative, Bryn acts as a liaison between the Lt. Governor’s Office and the 23 counties in the eastern and southern regions of the state.One of the things that has become more evident during the pandemic is the need for reliable, high-speed internet access as remote learning and working has shed additional light on the digital divide in our state. Over the summer, the Lt. Governor announced a $50 million grant program for schools to deploy internet service to students. Recently the Executive Budget was released which set aside $290 million for broadband expansion. Additionally, a skilled and nimble workforce is important at all times but has become especially important during the pandemic. There are several initiatives underway to retrain and upskill our workforce. One such program is Tech Cred which reimburses employers for upskilling their workforce with in-demand credentials.
As a liaison for an elected official, a critical attribute to do her job is being able to ascertain the details of local issues and relay them back to the team as well as gather information from the state to distribute to stakeholders throughout the region. She also needs to have an understanding of a wide range of issues. Being a good listener and being humble enough to ask questions is key. Other helpful attributes include being organized, caring, resourceful, and diligent to see an issue through to completion.

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