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State Mentor Training

State Mentor Training

Doug Hale
Doug Hale has been selected and trained by the state of Ohio as a Resident Educator (RE) Mentor Trainer.   He along with Gay Lynn Shiply presented 2016 state Mentor Training at the ESC for the 2016-2017 school year.  Various school districts were represented for this required training for new mentors to the program. School districts assign a state trained mentor to Resident Educators in the first and second year of the program to assist them in their educational residency.

The Resident Educator State Trainers’ Academy was held on October 26 at the Quest Conference Center in Columbus. State trainers engaged in a day of professional learning and conversation related to the complex topic of mentoring beginning teachers. Participants explored in-depth the Ohio Professional Development Standards and the data from the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA) administered in 2015-16. The focus of the day’s work was to generate forward thinking on the future of mentoring and the high-quality professional learning opportunities required to support both mentors and resident educators.

Organizing professional learning opportunities that increase the learning of mentors, resident educators, and ultimately our students, requires thoughtful data gathering and analysis, planning, and evaluation. Throughout the day, state trainers participated in rich dialogue on these topics, reflecting on the practice of mentoring, and visualizing a plan for the continued professional growth of Ohio’s resident educators.
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