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National AdvancED Accreditation

High Performing ESC 5 Year High Performing ESC 2020

Governing Board

Governing Board

Members of the Gallia - Vinton ESC Governing Board: 
Doug Pugh, Thomas Metcalf, David Stiffler, Jr., Steve Saunders,
Carol Porter, Joan Cornelius, Brandi Betts.

Business Advisory Council

The role of the Business Advisory Council is to advise and provide recommendations to the Governing Board on employment skills, curriculum development, job market trends, and collaboration between business, labor, and education. The committee meets twice each year.

Business Advisory Council Spotlights

The Business Advisory Council Spotlight shares good news about the great work that is being done by community leaders who serve as council members for the ESC.  

RRachael Barkerachael Barker is the Youth Services Program Director at the Dr. Samuel L. Bossard Memorial Library in Gallipolis, Ohio. She works diligently to create, implement, and present programs for children ages 4-18 at the library and in the community. She provides child-related programs for parents, caregivers, and teachers, as well. She has adapted to meeting the needs of the children during COVID by creating virtual story times and providing Facebook Live programs. She intends to begin Teen and Tween Book Clubs where all participants must wear masks and practice social distancing. When asked if there is anything she would like to share with our school districts and area educators, she stated, “Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or stop by the library. I would be happy to help in any way I can. Together we can make a difference.”        

Evan Cole 
Evan Cole is an attorney at Cole, Kirby and Associates, LLC, in Jackson, Ohio. He also serves as a guardian ad litem who represents the best interests of children in cases in juvenile, domestic, and probate court. When asked to share how his world in business has changed in the last 2 months, Evan replied, “I’ve done appointments and consultations by phone more often, conducted hearings over Zoom instead of actually being present in the courtroom, and all continuing education is virtual at this time.” Evan stated that he collaborates with educators in the school system when working specifically as a guardian ad litem. He notes it is beneficial for the support of the children he represents if educators share as much as possible. Information that may seem inconsequential might be a big deal in a case that involves the well-being of children. Attorney Cole enjoys his work and looks forward to continuing to serve his community.

Travis West and studentThe Ohio State University Extension provides programming to help prepare youth for success. Like many other public initiatives, modifications in Extension programming have been made to align with coronavirus concerns.  The Vinton County OSU Extension agency is addressing restrictions imposed by COVID to continue education opportunities for local youth. Travis West, Educator, 4-H Youth Development, and his colleagues have continued to serve the area’s youth without compromising the well-being of the young people, their families, or agency employees.  For instance, the agency provided Flash Kits to more than 650 young folks and their families. Each kit contained everything that families would need to complete hands-on educational activities for many weeks.
Travis shared the agency has plans for hybrid programming for 2021 that will provide limited in-person contact with virtual options. The blended opportunities can facilitate activities like volunteer training, teen leadership development, and camp counselor training. Mr. West also stated Vinton County OSU Extension is working toward providing family access to programming when internet service isn’t available. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and knowing Travis and his staff, the challenge will be overcome!
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