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Family and Community Partnership

Family and Community Partnership

The purpose of Gallia-Vinton’s ESC Family and Community Partnership is to provide our stakeholders with a network of community resources, partners, and support services for our students and families.

June Featured Resource
Operation Parent

Jean SchummFifteen years ago, my husband and I were in the thick of raising our five children ages 9, 11, 14, 17 and 19. Our 19-year-old son was in a terrible fight that could have resulted in felony charges and a prison sentence.  At the same time, our 17-year-old daughter was in an unhealthy dating relationship and pulling away from our family.  To say we felt inadequate as parents would be an understatement.  I felt shame, guilt, confusion, and alone.  We knew our family was at a crossroad and something had to change.  That “something” was us.  Mom and Dad had to change.  We needed to raise our awareness, educate ourselves on some tough issues, have a few uncomfortable conversations, and disrupt some “life” patterns.  I call it our “parent makeover” and it changed everything for the better!  We grew in our parenting, we grew in our faith, and I started Operation Parent with the hope that no parent would ever feel alone or lack the resources they need to be the parent God made them to be.

GVESC Family and Community Team

Emily Crabtree - GVESC Assistant Superintendent
Karen Boch - GVESC Administrative Associate
Jill Cox - GVESC LSW
Gwen Daniels - GVESC Consultant
David Moore  - GVESC Consultant
Brack Houchens - Family and Community Partnership Liaison
Ron Hammond - Gallia County Local Schools Attendance Officer
Lora Jenkins - Intersystem Coordinator Gallia County FCFC

Brack Houchens

Brack Houchens
Family and Community Partnership Liaison
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