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Gifted Education

Gifted Education

gifted educatorsSupporting our gifted students has become a top priority in our area school districts. Approximately 70 area teachers from Gallia County Local, Jackson City, Oak Hill Union Local, Wellston City, and Vinton County Local school districts participated in the first virtual Gifted Education Professional Development training offered by the Gallia-Vinton ESC. Those who  attended were able to join fellow educators remotely to explore the unique characteristics and needs of learners who are identified as gifted. The effort was a collaboration between Emily Crabtree (Gallia Vinton ESC) and area coordinators of gifted programs. The presenters were Denise Toler and Sandra Plantz (Gallia County Local Schools), Leah Massie (Wellston City Schools), and Jenny Williams (Jackson City Schools). The training focused on the  specific areas of Asynchronous Development, Twice-Exceptional Children, Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities,  and Mindsets in Gifted Children. The training included assigned pre-activities, virtual Zoom meetings, and  post activities to engage participants.  
The Gifted Education Professional Development supported participants in obtaining the 15 required contact  hours of high-quality professional development to be a service provider for gifted learners. The professional  development was aligned with the Ohio Department of Education Competencies. The collaboration  among the local school districts and the Gallia-Vinton ESC proved to be a success. All of those involved look  forward to supporting teachers with future trainings in gifted education.  

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