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Afterschool Programs

21st Century Community Learning Centers: Afterschool Programs Expanding

The Gallia-Vinton ESC is pleased to announce that twenty-two new 21st Century Community Learning Center grants have been awarded to schools in our area. Addaville Elementary School, Northview Elementary, Westview Elementary, Ironton High School, Ironton Elementary, Chesapeake High School and Chesapeake Elementary are the recipients of the new grants, bringing the total number of grants supported by the Gallia-Vinton ESC to 32 located in Gallia, Jackson, and Lawrence counties. During this challenging time in education, school districts, teachers, students, and family members may need additional support more than ever and afterschool programs can be a source of  assistance. The Gallia-Vinton ESC is looking forward to helping local districts in facilitating new grants as well as continuing programs during the 2023-2024 school year.  

21st Century Community Learning Center grants are competitive federal grants that provide schools with funding to support before and afterschool programs.  The purpose of before and afterschool programs is to provide high quality out-of-school learning opportunities for students. The emphasis is improving students’ reading and mathematics achievement through additional instructional time, tutoring, and expanded opportunities for students to practice relative skills. Other advantages afforded by the grant include homework help, physical fitness activities, youth  development, and enrichment activities and events. Not least, each afterschool includes a family engagement component to assist parents with increasing their capacity to support their children’s academic achievement

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