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TANF Advantage

Summer Advantage: Planning Differently

Science-based evidence tells us that shutting down learning for extended time often has a negative impact on student achievement. For instance, studies show that all children suffer a setback in math skills and many children, especially disadvantaged youth, lose a significant amount of reading skills when learning is disrupted by lengthy breaks.  Summer vacation, a time designated to rejuvenate and refuel for students, teachers, and parents can contribute to the negative impact on achievement if no interaction with learning is available for youth.

Fortunately for the students in Gallia County, the schools partner with the Gallia-Vinton ESC and other entities to support summer learning to help prevent “summer slide” and encourage academic growth.

In recent years, the Gallia-Vinton ESC, the Gallia County Job and Family Services, Gallia County Local  Schools, and Gallipolis City Schools have collaborated to offer beneficial summer services to local families. The services focus on improving students’ achievement and strengthening the stability of families. The term “Summer Advantage” refers to any of the range of benefits and resources that have been part of the collaboration among the entities. The number of summer offerings had to be downsized in 2020 due to COVID-related risks, but some services were modified and successfully implemented. The 2020 Summer Advantage services included summer school, summer school parent component, and Healthy Kickstart.  

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