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National AdvancED Accreditation

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Resident Educator Program

2021-22 Resident Educator Teacher Information Form

Resident Educator Program Updates

Office of Professional Conduct ABConduct Tip Sheets

Our Office of Professional Conduct has a series of tip sheets supported by the Buckeye Association of School Administrators, Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators and Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators on how to recognize situations which can get good educators in trouble. Please go to ABC Conduct to access these tip sheets. These tip sheets are great information to share with your resident educators, especially those new to the teaching profession.

Activation emails for RESA

If your resident educator has experienced problems receiving their activation email from TeachForward, please take the following steps:

Activation emails for RESA

1. If your resident educator has experienced problems receiving their activation email from TeachForward, please take the following steps:

Check when the RE was registered.
  • We send TeachForward information about RESA-candidates every Friday, and they use that information to send emails to newly registered or updated individuals the following Monday (first emails were sent October 13).
  • If a candidate was registered anytime from Monday-Thursday, they will be sent an email that following Monday (e.g., email corrected 11/5 will receive email from TeachForward at new email address on 11/9) If the registration occurred Friday-Sunday, they will have to wait for 8-10 days, that next Monday, to receive their email. (e.g., email corrected 11/8 will receive email from TeachForward on 11/16).

2. Have the RE check the email address in their CORE Profile

  • OH|ID contact information is not directly linked to CORE, so the RE may have different emails in each system. They should check their CORE Profile, since that is what TeachForward uses to send messages, not their OH|ID information.
  • If their current CORE Profile email address is no longer accessible, they need to update their email address in CORE. The same timing rules apply for this update; if they update Monday-Thursday, they will receive a new email to the new address the next Monday. If Friday-Sunday, they will receive it in two Mondays.

3. If the CORE Profile email address is correct, and the timing works out that they should have received an email by now, they can request the email be resent.

  • They should navigate to, click the link to log-in, click the link to resend activation email. 

4. If their email is invalid or incorrect, they will need to correct their email in CORE Profile. Directions for how to change their email in CORE Profile can be found on page 7 under the section titled “My Profile” of the CORE Applicant User Manual.

  • Please note that OH|ID and CORE Profile are two separate systems and TeachForward must use the CORE Profile email for their activation emails for RESA.
  • Please make sure that only one email is marked as Primary if there are two emails listed in the Profil\e.

RE/RESA Candidates Program and Statistics

Ohio’s Teachers must successfully complete a four-year residency program and receive a passing score on a performance-based assessment in order to earn a professional license to practice. The Gallia-Vinton ESC is the coordinator of the Resident Educator Program for its member school districts.

The Gallia-Vinton ESC is dedicated to making the Resident Educator Program a success. The Ohio Resident Educator Program began in 2011 and has evolved to a comprehensive, multi-year induction program to create more successful teachers. Successful completion of the program and the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA) results in professional licensure. The four-year program offers support and instructional guidance to new teachers as well as mentors and facilitators. It enables mentors and other colleagues to guide and support Resident Educators over time and move them more deeply into the process of being an effective teacher. The residency provides resident educators with formal and informal professional development opportunities provided by the ESC.

Years 1 & 2: This is referred to as the mentoring years.  Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year the topic for Year 1 & 2 will be Focused Mentoring. The ESC provides the mentors a specialized training and both the Resident Educator and Mentor with an orientation of the year’s requirements.

Year 3: Requirement is the completion of the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA).  RESA is supported with professional development workshops provided by the ESC with an open line of communication for questions and support. RESA can be completed in Year 2 of the program beginning in 2019.

Year 4: Resident Educators who have successfully passed the RESA in year 3 require one additional year in the program to participate in the Exploring Leadership Year activities. As determined locally, Resident Educators who require more than one year to successfully pass the RESA may not need to participate in the activities of the Exploring Leadership year to complete the four years of the program.

*There can be exceptions in the progression of the program.

Professional Development Coordinator: Julie Haines
Professional Development Support:  Katie Kilgour
Technical Support: Laurel Marion and Mark Carlisle

2021-2022  RE/RESA Candidates presently working with the ESC are listed below:
            Year 1 -
            Year 2 -
            Year 3 -
            Year 4 -
              Total - 


Video equipment is available on a first come first served basis for RE's in years 1-4 from the ESC.  Please call (740) 245-0593 to reserve an iPod (9 kits available) or iPad (1 kit available) kit.  Ask for Mark Carlisle.
Reservations can also be made at [email protected]

Resident Educator Year 4 Licensure Updates

Year 4 RE's must complete their Action Plan and have submitted a signed copy to their Program Coordinator before it can be entered into CORE.  Upon completion of Year 4 requirements, the RE can apply for their new license. 

Once you have completed Year 4 and been notified that you can apply for your license, click the link below for instructions on how to proceed.

PDF Resources

Use Compress PDF or the PDF Creator Program to compress files for submission. Links are provided below. 

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